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Rehabilitation using “Masturbators” for Ejaculatory Disorder patients.

Department of Urology, Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital

Yoshimoto KOBORI, Ryo SATO, Yoshio ASHIZAWA, Hiroshi YAGI, Shigehiro SO, Gaku ARAI, Hiroshi OKADA

In the process of rehabilitating patients who suffer from ejaculatory disorders, it is imperative to re-train such individuals on how to properly masturbate. However, since most of these patients have been masturbating incorrectly since an early stage in their lives, it is not uncommon to be faced with many problems. In this study, we introduce a number of positive trials of using a TENGA masturbator that have shown an easier method of re-training proper methods of masturbation, as well as rehabilitate and treat ejaculatory disorders. We have seen that the use of a masturbator is a feasible method of treating ejaculatory disorders.

Preliminary Remarks
Of all sexual disorders, ejaculatory disorder is next in line after erectile dysfunction. Most commonly, the inability to ejaculate within a vagina is caused by incorrect methods of masturbation such as the Push method (to rub or squeeze against bedsheets, etc) or too firm a grip.

In the process of rehabilitating these patients, it is imperative to re-train these individuals on proper methods of masturbation. This time, to do so, I have asked my patients to use TENGA masturbators (Picture 1) to see whether it is possible to get them to become able to perform intravaginal ejaculation.

[Case 1]
Patient: 32y/o single male
Diagnoses: Erectile Dysfunction and Ejaculatory Disorder
Medical History: n/a
Hormone levels (LH, FSH, T, PRL), Physical Exam: all clear
Present Illness History: Examined after a number of years of Erectile Dysfunction. IIEF5 was 9 points.
Course of Treatment: After prescribing 25mg Sildenafil Citrate, patient discovers he is able to achieve erection, however is unable to complete sexual intercourse due to the erection losing stiffness during intercourse. Upon further inspection, the patient’s Ejaculatory Disorder became clear. The cause of his disorder was having too strong a grip during masturbation. With request from the patient, a circumcision was performed for false phimosis, after which I suggested the use of a TENGA for masturbation. First to use the Hard type products, then if he is able to ejaculate within that, the Standard type, ending with the Soft type after that. Upon re-examination 2 months later, the patient reported that he was successfully able to ejaculate within a vagina.

[Case 2]
Patient: 22y/o single male
Diagnoses: Unable to ejaculate at all since birth.
Medical History: Bladder Dilation and Anal Atresia at a young age. Two hypospadias; once during junior high school and the other during high school.
Physical Exam: Penis 5cm at erection. Left testicle 8ml, Right testicle 14ml.
Hormone levels (LH, FSH, T, PRL): all clear
Chromosomal Test: 46, XY
Present Illness History:
Has normal sexual urges, and does not suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. An earnest university student, came for a diagnosis as he is worried about his ability to create children in the future. Course of Treatment: Firstly, I re-trained him on proper methods of masturbation. To be precise, I told him to stimulate his penis by stroking with his hand for one hour per day, however, the patient was unable to ejaculate after one month of this course. From the patient’s report is the following, “I feel a good sensation, then a strange, discomfort, which makes me scared, as if I were about to go crazy. My hand is too much of a stimulant.” Therefore, I proposed the use of a TENGA.

I asked him to try several different types of TENGA. Upon his fourth use, his report said “The sensations are pretty strong, it would be over-exaggerating to say it was like a lightning bolt running through my shaft, but I feel an increasingly rising sensation. Almost as if something is going to “come out”.” Since this stage, he has been able to feel sensations of ecstasy but has been unable to ejaculate semen. Further tests are planned to be performed to see if the patient suffers from retrograde ejaculation.

Things to Consider
It’s not uncommon to see sufferers of Ejaculatory Disorders. Out of these, it is very common to find those who suffer from intravaginal ejaculatory disorders. The reasons behind their disorders can range from those who receive stimulation from uncommon stimuli, to problems arising at the time of teaching the Timing method, but most commonly, improper methods of masturbation (such as the Push method) or too strong a grip (*2). It is imperative to re-train such individuals on how to properly masturbate. However, since most of these patients have been masturbating incorrectly since an early stage in their lives, it is not uncommon to be faced with many problems.
As methods of re-training individuals on proper methods of masturbation, the following are recommended.
1) Thrusting – The process in which an individual rubs his penis up and down with a soft grip with his hand.
2) Systematic Desensitization with the help of a partner.
3) Masturbation intervals during sex.
4) For those who want to have a child – the Pipette method (to insert semen ejaculated into a sterile palette with a dropper or pipette into the woman’s vagina) or AIH (*3).

TENGA are a vastly well-known brand of “Masturbators” (*4) and are purchasable from general stores and book stores. The benefits of TENGA are as follows:
1) Since they apply a consistent pressure, there’s no worry of too firm a grip.
2) There are three different types – Hard, Standard and Soft, with differing sensations each.
3) Since they are disposable, they are hygienic.
4) Since they don’t depict or try to emulate an artificial female sexual organ or anything obscene, their good designs are easy to use in the medical workplace.
5) There is peace-of-mind provided through the product’s clear labeling of its Manufacturer details and Retailer details. While it is common practice to re-train sufferers of ejaculatory disorders on the proper methods of masturbation for rehabilitation, the use of a TENGA masturbator allows a simplification of this process, and I have managed to cure people of ejaculatory disorders in the process.
The problems with this method are first of all, many people don’t come for post-diagnosis check-ups, and it is hard to follow-up on their progress. Also, the economic side of having to have to purchase the “masturbators” may pose a problem.

I also think it may be necessary to investigate whether the use of a masturbator can treat other forms of ejaculatory disorder (premature/delayed ejaculation).

In concerns to using TENGA Masturbators to teach proper methods of masturbation to sufferers of Ejaculatory Disorder, I have confirmed positive results. I believe that the use of Masturbators to treat Ejaculatory Disorders to be a viable method of rehabilitation. I wish to continue this line of examinations with more patients to further solidify my findings.

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